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We are taking a step forward to making a quite world

- A square form of full name is the work mark designed for globalization
- A gray colored square is to seek stability and construction, architecture and robustness.
- Obvious contrast between gray colored and initial letter of Ikung, ‘I’ is to seek a visual attentiveness and
  superiority of Iksung
- Considered usability and applicability of product.

Trademark Registration

A combination of Noise and Lite (light) to seek a freedom (escape, free, prevention) from serious noise pollution

A new conceptual material, NOISELITE is composed of melt-blown ultra micro fiber and stable fiber. Numerous air bounds and ultra micro layers found in the net fiber that have been maximized by folding the ultra micro fibers exhibit excellent sound absorption

HEAT in red capital letter and lution in lower case to emphasize the warmness as insulating material. ‘i’ in lution presents temperature (C⁰)

- Initial ‘O’ figures sun to express warmness.
- The symbol of temperature expresses sunlight and insulation
- A round hand-writing presents light and soft material.